Programme overview

This year, more than ever, we want to highlight a set of priorities related to well-being - particularly that of our young people who are going through a serious mental health crisis worldwide -, to equity and peace, to the protection of the environment and biodiversity: these are all urgent challenges that require in-depth transformation of education systems, the creation of a learning society, and the proposal of new narratives for the future. 


The provisional programme is designed to highlight these issues; it will accommodate a multitude of other themes and initiatives carried by the rapidly growing LearningPlanet community. Discover the thematic grid of the Festival programme.

24 January, Tuesday – International Day of Education - The Assembly: LearningPlanetizen unite! ✊

Gathering and harnessing planetary ambitions to transform education and create new learning narratives. On this day we celebrate our shift from citizens to Planetizens, and unite to address our 21st century priorities. With a firm focus on vision & enablement, A-list speakers and experts from a range of disciplines (not education only) will share their ideas and best practices on how we can transform and use learning and education for:

  • Well-being –  Learning to take care of oneself 
  • Equity –  Learning to take care of oneself and others
  • Environment –  Learning to take care of oneself, others and the planet

25 January, Wednesday – Transforming Education Action Track ⚙️

Following the Transforming Education Summit, spanning K-12 to higher education, and including vocational training and lifelong learning, this is where our focus includes redefining learning priorities, assessment of success, teachers & students’ interactions, new pedagogies, new ways of doing research, interdisciplinarity, emerging jobs, and all aspects of equipping learners to have a meaningful impact in the world. This is also where education and the environment meet and we work on learning to take care of our planet, including how to support the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

26 January, Thursday – The Learning Society Action Track 💡

Transforming learning for our rapidly changing and complex society calls for inputs from a broad range of stakeholders. This is where our social innovators, on-the-ground pioneers, learning ecosystems and cities, as well as those supporting learning in adverse environments (conflict zones, climate disaster regions, refugee camps, …) come to design, implement, scale, train and share their work. This is also where education and equity meet and we focus on learning to take care of each other, with actors including activists and peace-keepers, as well as local authorities joining to create new, inclusive and equal rights.

27 January, Friday – The Future Action Track 🔮

Exploring future learning spaces, tools and techniques, this is where we activate our vision and imagination to ask how new technologies and platforms, as well as CivicTech and EdTech, can support us and our learning planet. In the new era of Web3, VR, DAO, and ever more data, we consider the opportunities and challenges ahead. This is where education also meets well-being, and it is where we examine the ethics and standards needed to create safe and healthy digital learning environments. As well as looking forward, we will also consider how we can combine tech and traditional wisdoms, humanities, and sciences to take better care of ourselves, and our human (and avatar’s) mind, body, and spirits.

28 January, Saturday – Planetizens Take the Stage 🌐

The 28th is focused on continuing to encourage more people, especially youth, to become game changers, code and mould breakers through creating many onsite and online opportunities to meet with peers and pioneers, experiment new ways of learning, listen to inspiring stories and role models. The 28th also offers an opportunity to launch new initiatives and present achievements on the main festival deliveries.

This day encompasses two very important elements:

We will announce the deliverables from our 4 days of efforts, including the launch of new initiatives we’ll be focusing our efforts on advancing over the coming year. And…

We continue to encourage more people, especially youth, to become game-changers and code-breakers, by giving the stage to the Alliance’s young and active pioneers. This day of storytelling, art & artivism, music, will introduce role models to anyone wanting to become a Planetizen and will also inspire and energize all those of us already part of the movement. Come join us to celebrate the progress we’re making each day and to power up for the transformation journey ahead.