Dr. Matthew Aruch
Director of Global Education, EARTHDAY.ORG
Memory Banda
Founder and Director, Foundation for Girls Leadership (F4GL)
Jeroo Billimoria
Founder, One Family Foundation; Co-Founder and Chief Facilitator, Catalyst 2030
Diana Gladka
Certified Yoga Teacher and Member of Yogis without Borders
Zuhair Ahmed Kowshik
Manager and My Future My Voice Youth Ambassador, EARTHDAY.ORG
Nicolas Lopez
Chargé de Mobilisation, La Primaire Populaire
Zineb Mouhyi
Co-Founder, Weaving Lab and Youth x Youth
Laureline Simon
Founder and Executive Director, One Resilient Earth
Prof. Chetan Singh Solanki
Solar Man of India
Flore Vasseur
Romancière et réalisatrice