Climate Change

Carlos Alvarez Pereira
Member of the Executive Committee, Club of Rome
Dr. Matthew Aruch
Director of Global Education, EARTHDAY.ORG
Féris Barkat
Fondateur, Génération Embarquée ; Youth Fellow #LearningPlanet
Dr. Laelia Benoit
MD, Ph.D. Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist - Fulbright Monahan Visiting Research Scholar, Yale University, New Haven
Emma Biard
Co-fondatrice, fertîles
Zuhair Ahmed Kowshik
Manager and My Future My Voice Youth Ambassador, EARTHDAY.ORG
Nicolas Lopez
Chargé de Mobilisation, La Primaire Populaire
Sarah Marisse Queblatin
Lead Designer and Curator, Living Story Landscapes
Almaaz Mudaly
#LearningPlanet Youth Council Member & Higher School Liason, South Africa Youth Climate Action Plan
Maxime Ollivier
Co-président, Le Bruit Qui Court