Asha Murphy
Chief Innovation Officer CEO, Edu-fy Pty Ltd
Ben Owens
Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Engineer, Open Way Learning
Fanny Peissik Riblier
Fondatrice Hub School 21 & Hub Service 21
Ema Stefanac
Project Coordinator, Vega Youth Center / Design for Change Serbia
Dave Strudwick
Principal, REAL School Budapest
Edrees Tabassum
Academic Vice Chancellor, Taj University Afghanistan
Vishal Talreja
Co-founder. Dream a Dream
Vishal co-founded Dream a Dream along with 11 others. He is an Ashoka Fellow, an Eisenhower Fellow, a Salzburg Global Fellow and a Board Member at PYE Global.
Bhavna Virendra
Head of the English Department, Study Hall School
Rachel Warnick
Specialist Educator, Professors without borders
Kelly Young
President, Education Reimagined
Kelly Young is the President of Education Reimagined.