Vasiliki Akritidou
Partner, Design for Change Serbia, Vega Youth Center
Graham Brown-Martin
author, broadcaster and founder of Learning Without Frontiers
Erin Gatz
Director of Research and Impact, Remake Learning
John Gilmour
Founder/director of the LEAP Science and Maths Schools, South Africa
Julio Intriago
Director of Educational Innovation, Diseña Futuro
Stephanie Lewis
Director of Relationships, Remake Learning
Denise McMorrow
Head of Student Experience, IADT and Co-Chair, Dublin Learning City
Denise is Head of Student Experience at IADT and Co-chair of Dublin Learning City. She has been involved in the UNESCO Learning Cities Project since Dublin was established as a Learning City in 2019.
Hugo Paul
Étudiant, Together For Earth ; Membre du Comité Jeunes & Youth Fellow, #LearningPlanet
William Rankin
Founding Learning & Educational Technology Designer at Unfold Learning, LLC
Serge Ravet
President, Open Recognition Alliance