Asha Murphy

I am a retired teacher who is passionate about using game-based learning and experiential learning in classrooms and in online learning. 

Today many students are falling behind because of their inequitable access to resources and if they have access it is inadequate for their neuroframework scaffolding. For my Masters studies at the University of Queensland into the Science of Learning I received a Dean’s Commendation for Excellence. Research has shown that game-based and experiential learning enhances neural connectivity. 

I founded a company Edu-fy to use this knowledge to create resources and programs to address the issues above and to create quality teaching tesources and programs that are accessible to children everywhere in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of Quality Education (SDG4).

Edu-fy is currently partnering with the United Nations Association of Australia NSW Division (UNAA NSW) to implement a design thinking project for high school students using the lens of the SDGs.

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