Binti Zani

A final year student from the University of Nairobi, Kenya pursuing a BSc in Food Nutrition and Dietetics, Binti also identifies as a young person with proven communication, interpersonal, leadership and teamwork skills, who is very passionate about leadership, youth empowerment and development.

She believes that the potential youth have is a vital tool for development only that it’s mostly not fully utilized and endeavors to empower youth to fully explore this potential.

Currently serving as an SDSN county Coordinator II for Kwale County Kenya and a member of the #LearningPlanet Youth Council, Binti also volunteers with a number of local and national organizations with the sole goal of creating lasting impact.

She has also been privileged to attend a number of leadership programs such as the Young Challengers Program, UPG Sustainability leadership program and African Future Leaders Fellowship amongst others and believes that these programs have equipped her to be a better leader.

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