Bram Dewolfs


Urban Foxes

Bram started his urban quest improving cities when he became one of the instigators & spoke persons of Brussels’ highly successful grassroots movement, Picnic the Streets in 2012. Thereby successfully reclaiming emblematic spaces in Brussels and transforming them from urban highways and parking lots into carfree squares and parks.

In 2014 he co-founded Urban Foxes, an NGO striving for healthy, inclusive and co-created cities. The Foxes’ expertise lie in the fields of participatory urbanism, placemaking, civic design, the co-creation of participatory tools and urban pedagogy. With an emphasis on the cross-section between collaborative citymaking, non-formal education and experimental youth work.

In 2021, Bram founded the Academy for Urban Action. The AUA is a new and experimental form of youth work, with a focus on the SDG’s, sustainability education, urban pedagogy, placemaking and action research, with Brussels as an urban laboratory.



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