Mr Charlie Moreno-Romero

Head of Studies (Suvemäe-TKG) / Principal Investigator (Taltech)

Suvemäe-TKG / Taltech

Charlie is a Colombian born philologist (BA), anthropologist (MA) and educational researcher (PhD) with interests and experience in the fields of democratic education, self-directed learning, alternative education and education for social justice. Since 2019, he is the head of studies of Suvemäe-TKG, Estonia’s first democratic education-based school, and joined Taltech in September 2022 as principal investigator for the Smooth project (a consortium of 12 universities around Europe funded under the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. During the past 18 years, his career has spanned educational institutions: public, private, international schools and universities in Italy, Colombia, Estonia and Spain.




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