Chekeba Hachemi

Chékéba Hachemi is an Afghan feminist and writer. She was the first Afghan woman to be named diplomat, in 2001. She is the President and founder of the NGO Afghanistan Libre in response to the deterioration of Afghan girls’ and women’s rights under the Taliban regime. For more than 20 years, the objective of Afghanistan Libre has been to facilitate the access to education, health and vocational trainings for girls and women in rural areas of Afghanistan to enable them to gain independence and to inform the world about the living conditions of Afghan women. 

First female diplomat of the Afghan transitional government, she was appointed First Secretary of the Afghan embassy to the European Union in January 2002. In July 2005, she was appointed by the government in Kabul as Special Advisor of the Vice-President, in charge of national priority projects. In March 2007, she was appointed by President Hamid Karzaï Minister-Advisor, based in Paris. In 2009, she resigned from her position, denouncing the corruption going on inside the government.

Hachemi is the author of L’Insolente de Kaboul, a memoir, published in 2012. She is co-author of Pour l’Amour de Massoud with Sediqa Massoud, published in 2005, which received a Prix Vérité, and of Visage volé, avoir 20 ans à Kaboul with Latifa.

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