Csaba Manyai

Csaba, impact architect/designer, curator, has spent the past two decades exploring how we can adapt to and succeed in our fundamentally changing environment and redesign our systems to fit our new challenges. Earlier he worked with companies, institutions and leaders on redesigning marketing driven business strategies, having also written a book on the subject, titled ‘Instead of Advertising’. Building on that he researched complex systems and value innovation, using that knowledge to co-found TXD Impact Design Studio and help clients with designing breakthrough systemic innovations and impact strategies. He has also designed and curated many smaller and larger, local and international events, examples of which are the Well Being Summit held in Bilbao in October 2021 or TEDxDanubia (and the corresponding social platform and movement), which he initiated, led and has been curator for since 2009, and in which context he has prepared over 200 high calibre speakers, both international and Hungarian. Since 2017 he has been working closely with Community Arts Lab (Porticus Foundation) and the Community Arts Network, as a strategic advisor and network/impact architect.

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