Dr Debbi D. Brock

Debbi D. Brock is an internationally recognized expert on social entrepreneurship and professional trainer and consultant for various organizations focusing on social innovation and scaling social impact. Brock joined Catalyst 2030, a growing network of social change leaders as the Systems Learning and Development Facilitator in 2021. Brock held multiple posts in higher education, as Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Wingate University for nine years, Berea College Kay Moore Professor of Entrepreneurship, and Director of the Entrepreneurial Resource Lab at Miami University. In 2011, she was awarded the “Distinguished Service to the Field of Social Entrepreneurship Education” by AshokaU and launched Social Change Innovators to assist educators to connect and share resources in Social Entrepreneurship Education. Recent publications include “”Multi-Disciplinary Involvement in Social Entrepreneurship Education” and “Using the Social Entrepreneurship Model to Teach Engineering Students How to Create Lasting Change,” and has won the best social entrepreneurship paper at USASBE.

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