Dr. Laelia Benoit

Dr. Laelia Benoit (MD, PhD) is a French and Brazilian Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and associate researcher at the Center for research in Epidemiology and Population Health (CESP) of the French national Institute of Health and Medical research (Inserm), in Paris. In 2021, she is invited at the Yale Child Study Center as a Fulbright Visiting Scholar (Yale Medical School, Yale University), in order to study the impact of climate change on the well-being and mental health of children and adolescents in three different countries (France, US, and Brazil). Laelia Benoit favors citizen research approaches, involving adolescents, their parents, professionals and family support groups. During her teaching at the University of Paris, Laelia Benoit delivers psychological and social science skills to caregivers and school professionals in order to make them aware of the experiences of young people they meet. 

Professional honors : Fulbright (2020), Monahan Foundation (2020), Inserm Award (2016), Paris Public Hospital AP-HP Award (2016).

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