Dr. Sihem Larif

Dr Sihem Larif Oueslati holds a Ph.D. in Management and a master’s degree in accounting, decision making and control from Paris-Dauphine University, France. She is actually advisor to the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in charge of employability and openness to the environment. Besides that, she is an Associate Professor of Management at ESSEC University, Tunis.
Dr. Larif lectured at Paris-Dauphine University. She worked with Deloitte and Touch (Tunisia) and on the implementation of the ERP system of Air France (Paris). She also worked in the Controllers and Corporate Portfolio Department of the International Finance Corporation in Washington, DC (IFC, World Bank Group).
Besides teaching, Sihem Larif is a consultant in entrepreneurship and a founding member of the entrepreneurship competition Open Start Up Tunisia (OST). She was director of the entrepreneurial program OSTX, fostering Tunisian entrepreneurial ecosystem and promoting youth engagement in entrepreneurship.

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