Eloise Malone

Eloise is passionate about nurturing children and teenagers who have experienced trauma and disadvantage to say the things they need to say, to the people who need to hear it. With more than twenty years’ experience in leading ambitious social-arts-communication projects across the UK, Ellie has worked in castles, graveyards, shark tanks and art galleries with children and teens who have experienced homelessness, displacement, exploitation, and abuse. Ellie is trained in counselling skills, play therapy skills, solution-focused brief therapy, and teaching – and she’s also an aerial acrobat. She is currently writing a PhD thesis on creative coproduction. Ellie’s projects have been nominated for and won awards including National Lottery Awards 2016 + 17; Hearts for the Arts Award 2018; and the International Purpose Awards 2020. Nowadays her clients tend to be ethical brands, charities and NGOs that want to engage meaningfully with kids to co-create authentic, beautiful advertising campaigns.

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