Ms Hamna Aamir

Senior Associate, Development and Partnerships

Teach for Pakistan

Hamna is a 2020 Teach For Pakistan Alum. When she joined on staff, Pakistan was experiencing one of the most disastrous floods it had witnessed in years. Understanding the need of the hour, Hamna started the process of collecting information to create profiles for Fellows and Alumni facilitating relief efforts to be shared with potential donors. Upon finding out the breadth of Fellows’ and Alumni’s work and the worsening situation of the floods, Teach For Pakistan decided it crucial to think about introducing climate education as a critical component of their pedagogy. Hamna is now working on and excited to learn more about how the organization can center climate education as a part of the curriculum Fellows teach, and making this contextually relevant for the communities they teach in. Hamna believes strongly in grounding our understanding of climate change in geopolitics and as shaped by capitalist superstructures.



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