Henry Nevison

Henry Nevison is an Emmy and internationally award winning producer/director/editor of documentary films, whose work has appeared on History Channel, Discovery, PBS, Prime, and National Geographic.
As a veteran storyteller, Henry has explored may topics including Native American cultures, U.S. and world history, science, healthcare, and the performing arts. Henry’s work has also been featured in major museum installations.
Within the performing arts, Henry has co-produced and directed numerous films that focus on the power of music and dance as a unifying force among diverse groups of people. These include ‘Dancing Diplomats’, a film about the restoration of Ukrainian Folk dance that was banned by the Soviet regime, and
‘On the Other Side of the Fence’, a film about two schools who created a musical partnership that lasted 30 years, designed to teach empathy and celebrate diversity. Most recently, he directed an co-produced a music video project, ‘Under the Moon’, which brought together an orphanage in Kampala, Uganda with a performing arts camp in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands and will be featured during our presentation in this festival January 27, @ 18:00.

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