Nadia Sandi

Nadia is social change senior leader who’s cocreating with different partners to accelerate the shift towards a world where everyone is a changemaker and regenerating our planet and all living ecosystems. She is cofounder of Thriving Children Everywhere, a new initiative to co-steward learning ecosystem transformation, as well as a leadership team member of Perspectivist’s business regeneration arm. She’s part of many learning and cocreation circles, including the Ubuntu Circle, the Weaving Lab, and EUSG Governance masterclass.

Prior to that, Nadia was an advisor at the World Bank’s Innovation Labs, the Youth in Development program, and Private Sector Development for the Africa region. She was the director of project management and integration at Ashoka’s Changemakers. She also worked at the International Finance Corporation, private business consulting, investment banking as well as in executive education.

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