Raad Sharar

Raad obtained a Bachelor’s degree with double majors in Economics and Anthropology from BRAC University in Bangladesh and then a Master’s degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology from KU Leuven (University of Leuven) in Belgium. She is currently enrolled in a Master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology and Development and aims to revisit her occupation in the field of social development.

Last academic year, she was enrolled in the Transdisciplinary Insights Honours Programme (TDI) at KU Leuven, in which teams of students (at the Bachelor, Master and PhD level) work together on a particular challenge. Her team, STEAM in Higher Education, developed a game that aims to teach players the importance of transdisciplinarity, critical thinking and systems thinking in a fun and engaging way. Together with teammates Ilse Vranken and Domnique Troost, she will present this game at the #LearningPlanet Festival. This year, Raad, Ilse and Dominique are coaching the TDI challenge Reclaiming Education.

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