Raphaële Bidault-waddington

Futurist, LIID Future Lab

LIID Future Lab

Raphaele Bidault-Waddington is a futurist, keynote speaker, author and artist-researcher. She is the founder of LIID Future Lab, a research platform designing innovative future labs in academic, urban, corporate and artistic contexts in France and abroad for more than fifteen years.

Since 2012, LIID has been awarded a series of academic research and transdisciplinary pedagogic innovation grants for its lab on the future of the Greater Paris metropolis, in partnership with the Art & Design research institute, Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne University, and a pool of  artnering schools (Parsons School, La Villette Architecture School, CNAM, Paris College of Art, Neoma Business School, etc.). Other key research experiences and collaborations have been with CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), UCL, Science-Po School, IHEST, ZhDK Zurich, Aalto University Helsinki, Institute For the Future Palo Alto, Peclers Future Trends, Atelier LUMA Arles, Geneva Art and History Museum, Center for Molecular Medicine Stockholm, City of Montevideo Uruguay, etc.

During the Learning Planet Festival 2023, RBW will take part in a panel about artistic research andits contribution to future challenges. In LPF 2022, she led a masterclass to share her experience on  how to design art labs and future labs and how they accelerate the learning experience (LX).

Highly engaged to promote the value knowledge and arts in the society, RBW is a member of the New Club of Paris, an international network of knowledge economy and innovation policy experts, and of the UNESCO Global Foresight Network.

All her conferences, publications and collaborations on liid.fr
To discover her art labs (occasionally exhibited or published): www.rbidaultwaddington.net


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