Sarah Marisse Queblatin

Sarah Queblatin is an inclusive design strategist passionate in transforming the narrative of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) into Design for Resilience and Regeneration. With a background in mental health and psycho-social support, ecopsychology, and expressive arts, she applies a trauma-informed understanding of regenerative resilience in her work with climate and conflict vulnerable communities. She started Green Releaf in the Philippines, working with regenerative solutions in climate and conflict vulnerable communities. She combines this work with Kalikhasan: Living Story Landscapes, working with local culture bearers and creatives in designing places of remembrance, resilience, and regeneration in communities facing loss and damages from climate emergencies. Sarah is also shaping a dialogue journey on decolonizing and transforming narratives of ecosystem restoration between the global north and south called Restore-Restory, where learnings can offer shared wisdom, collective healing, and emerging ways of regeneration from countries already facing harsh climate emergencies around the world.

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January 28, 2022
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