Serge Ravet

President of Reconnaître—Open Recognition Alliance, Serge has spent most of his professional life exploring the contribution of digital technologies to the empowerment of individuals and communities, their impact on educational and social innovation. The issue of recognition is at the heart of work that led his exploration of ePortfolios, Open Badges, identity and trust. Laureate of the Digital Media Learning Trust Challenge (2015) awarded by the MacArthur Foundation, this allowed the development of the Open Badge Passport, the publication of the Bologna Open Recognition Declaration (2016), the creation of Reconnaître – Open Recognition Alliance, and Bitoftrust (2018).
Since 2003, Serge is the organiser of ePIC, an international conference now focused on “Building Open Recognition Ecosystems,” an issue at the core of his current activity through European Projects like MIRVA (Making Informal Recognition Visible and Actionable) and initiatives aiming at building on the experience of Badgeons la Normandie to establish learning territories.

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January 27, 2022
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