Tejas Lakhani

Chief Happiness Officer, Culture of Happiness

Tejas or “TJ” as his friends lovingly call him, is an Australian based training facilitator by profession and a trained “Happiness Coach” by passion. He has over a decade of experience in impacting lives of people as well as organizational learning and wellbeing cultures through training. He identifies himself as a “human being of the world” literally, having been born and raised in Kenya, matured in India and now currently seasoning in Australia. Through his travels and experiences he has witnessed and experienced real life stories across different cultures and stratas of society. Tejas is a trained Happiness coach certified by the Berkley Institute of Wellness, California. He has founded his social coaching enterprise called a “Culture of Happiness”. With his enterprise, he specializes in empowering people’s lives with wisdom, hacks and habits to enable them to lead a more joyful and brilliant life. The aim is to spread a Culture of Happiness by spreading Happy vibes to create Happy people and spaces.


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