Viktoria Nagy

After undergraduate studies in law and medicine, Viktoria Nagy majored in modern French literature and linguistics. Bilingual in English, German, Hungarian and French, she has specialized in biomedical language use and literary translations, and she has translated the prix Goncourt winning novel Magnus by Sylvie Germain.
She has been working as a tenured medical English teacher and course manager at Université de Paris (Diderot) since 2016. In the latter capacity, she has created several interdisciplinary curricula with a learning while doing, action-based approach and an emphasis on critical thinking and transferable skills.
She has been collaborating on the Erasmus+/ CONSCIOUS I. and II. in creating an e-learning curriculum in trial management and critical appraisal of research articles.
She joined the PBL (problem-based learning) project initiated by Pr. Elizabeth Macintyre in September 2019. Currently, she co-coordinates the implementation of an upscaled PBL-model at the Medical Faculty of Université de Paris, which is accompanied by her PhD project on the Feasibility of a problem-based education model in French medical education: transforming university into a learning organization at the Learning Planet Institute.
She has also joined the European University Alliance CircleU as the lead of a task force on student-led innovation and sustainable development.

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