Yashasree Gadipalli

Yashasree Gadipalli, the International Organizations Minister in the Provisional World Children’s Parliament (PWCP), is a free-spirited and innovative person, and is strongly passionate about implementing a change in the world. deeply involved in advocating for youth around the world, proving that children are capable of contributing to society. Apart from these neighborhood parliaments, her alliance is lodged in helping those in need and working with her vision at heart. She has taken part in a few leadership workshops led by expert scientists from reputable organizations around the world, which have helped to build the interests in a multitude of areas. Aside from community work, she possesses a strong fascination with Astrophysics and technology, and love exploring the field, having the opportunity to innovate and provide effective solutions for real-world problems. Also fond of novel-writing and currently working on a science-fiction novel and hoping to publish it soon.

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January 27, 2022
Click here to join the session Meeting ID: 883 9449 3733 Passcode: 892524 The event proposed is a combination of children and youth initiatives around the world, performing as new forms of governance in local level. Their common field is...